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I'm Edward The Investor, I purchased my first multi-family property at 19 years old. My real estate and stock investments have compounded since 2012, in a thriving portfolio. Holding real estate licenses in Wisconsin and Alabama, I continue to navigate the voyage of real estate.

My journey began in the challenging landscape of 53206, one of America's most underserved zip codes located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Determined to rise above the odds, I broke free from becoming another statistic.
With my commitment to education, I secured my High School diploma and went on to earn an degree in Liberal Arts and Human Services, building the foundation of my passion-driven journey.
I began my career path with New Horizons, the largest black-owned social services agency in Milwaukee at the time. From Professional Mentor to Crisis Stabilizer, Tracker, and Supervisor, to contribute a meaningful impact on underserved individuals and communities.
I ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing A-1 Vending, a vending machine company of 74 machines across various locations. I successfully transitioned, selling the company to explore new opportunities.
Deeply committed to community progress, I embraced leadership roles within the NAACP, I graduated from the Next Generation of Leaders Program provided by the NAACP. I went on serving as Chairman of the Environmental and Climate Justice Committee and Vice Chairman of the Economic Development Committee. My time as 3rd Vice President of the NAACP Milwaukee Branch further exemplified my commitment to driving change.
I channeled my expertise into consulting services, collaborating with esteemed organizations like Asset Builders of America, CLIMB USA, and Go4it! to empower underserved families and youth with self-development and financial literacy tools. In 2018, I lead transformative efforts as the Housing and Economic Coordinator for the Amani United Community at the Dominican Center.
My unwavering dedication led to the establishment of Decent Housing, a nonprofit championing affordable living and combating housing disparities.

My latest endeavor, "A Plan to A Million," underscores my multifaceted approach to success, encapsulating my insights and strategies in a powerful book.

Join me on this journey as we leverage our experiences, skills, and passion to blaze a path of transformation, in the creation of wealth for generations to come. Together, we can change the trajectory of our family history!
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